What is SMP?


This method is excellent for people who have experienced hair loss, including alopecia, male and female pattern baldness, or even general thinning hair from ageing.

SMP does not cure the cause of your hair loss, but in conjunction with existing hair, it can help to create the look of a shaved full head of hair.

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An SMP Client

Our non-surgical and safe procedure replicates natural-looking hair follicles.


Why is SMP so good?

SMP is a fantastic hair loss solution and works for every hairstyle. Whilst usually associated with male pattern baldness or alopecia, SMP also works well as a hair-loss treatment for short hair, long hair,  and grey hair, allowing a fuller-looking head of hair through the replication of natural-looking hair follicles.

The pigment is non-toxic and safe for use, and you should not feel any ill effects from having this treatment, nor should it be too unpleasant or painful to have carried out.

 It’s easy to maintain.  
Quick results
No painful recovery period
A fraction of the cost of a hair transplant

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