What is SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation, known as SMP, is the fast-growing, number one alternative long-lasting solution to invasive hair transplants and expensive hair pieces. SMP replicates the appearance of hair short follicles on the scalp using a technique similar to cosmetic tattooing.

Folic replication is achieved using medical-grade ink pigment, chosen to match existing hair and skin colour.  Long-lasting results are achieved over three sessions booked two weeks apart.

SMP can camouflage beard patches or create the look of facial hair in people who are undergoing chemotherapy or have alopecia. If you have noticed patches in your beard where growth has recently been, I would advise you to see a pharmacist for fungal treatment first. If this is still struggling to regrow after treatment and medical swabbing, SMP is safe to undergo.

Treatments for short hair

Scalp micropigmentation on people with already shaved and balding heads replicates individual shaven hair follicles, making it appear as a chosen ‘buzz cut’ hairstyle with a full hair line. The desired look of your hairline will be drawn on and agreed upon before the procedure begins.  We’ll design a hair line to make you look and feel like the real you with natural receding or a sharp, straight look. 

Treatments for medium and long hair

For Clients with medium to long thinning hair who undergo SMP, however, the primary goal is to reduce the contrast between the hair and the visible bare scalp. This is a highly effective and fast-growing solution for thin hair as it looks thicker and healthier, whether worn down or tied up.

Treatments for facial hair

SMP is particularly suitable for replicating facial hair for a clean-shaved look. Transgender patients are particularly welcome at our studio.

Patients living with Trichotillomania (Trich)

Milly has direct experience of Trichotillomania, and anyone living with this is encouraged to email or call Milly directly to discuss treatment options.


Some of the Benefits of SMP

  • The safest, guaranteed solution to treat hair loss
  • Realistic and natural-looking results
  • Noticeable results after the first session
  • Can reduce the visibility of bald spots and cover up scarring and burns on the scalp
  • Effective to disguising signs of alopecia
  • The process is similar to that of getting a tattoo
  • Affordable solution without surgery